Innovative Computing System & Approach


Name Email Organization Thesis
Hong Won-Keewkhong at Univ.Design and Evaluation of Effective Memory Systems for VLIW Architectures
Lee Jang-Soojslee at us.imb.comIBM Watson Lab.An Intelligent Memory Compression Technology for High Performance Computing
Lee Jung-Hoonleejh at Univ.Application Adaptive Memory Management Units for Low Power Embedded
Choi Moon-Heemhchoi at electronicsEffective Visibility Culling Architectures for High-Performance
Kim Cheong-Ghiltetons at Univ.Design and Analysis of Embedded SIMD Coprocessor Architectures for Image and Video Applications
Park Kyung-Langlanx at Future Technology R&D CenterAn Effective Service Provision Framework based on Personal Space for Ubiiquitous computing
Park Jung-Wookpjppp at TechnologiesAdaptive dynamic memory interleaving techniques for high performance multimedia computing architecture
Hong Chung-Pyohulkboy at electronicsA Polymorphic Service Provision Platform with Augmented Reality Interface
Yang Hoon-Mohmyang at electronicsAn adaptive prefetch based memory access mechanism for web browsing on mobile
Muhammad Arshadm99arshad at hotmail.comAllama Iqbal Open UniversityAdaptive Human Activity Recognition System Using Smartphone Accelerometer
Nassernasser at Optimization Methods for DCT-Based Image Compression on a Heterogeneous Platform
Yoon Su-Kyungpioioi at hanmail.netYonsei Univ. Post DoctorComputer architecture and organization&Storage system&Memory hierarchy
Lim Eong-Kyupostrain at electronicsAn efficient method for improving touch experience on android smartphone
Piao Jin-Chunkumcun at hotmail.comYanbian UniversityReal-time Adaptive Monocular Visual–Inertial SLAM for Augmented Reality Applications in Mobile Devices
Graduated Student Count: 14


Name Email Organization Thesis
Kim Cheong-Ghiltetons at Univ. Supercomputing LabApplication Specific Adaptive Double Buffer Managed On Chip SIMD Co-Processor Architecture
Kim Jung-Mingiantmin at lgeLG electronics Media LabDesign and Analysis of an Adaptive Parallel System
Oh In-Heungihoh at samsungSamsung electronics객체기반 랜더링을 위한 3차원 그래픽 가속엔진설계
Lee Jang-Soojangsoo at us.ibmIBM Watson LabDesign and Analysis of Selective Compressed Memory System for High Performance Computing
Park Jae-Seongjonpark at chollian.netSamsung electronics TNAn Effective Local Frame Buffer Structure Integrated with a Rasterizer for Object-Parallel Rendering
Chung Chun-Mokchunmok at hanmail.netSeoul UnivJava Internet Computing Environment by Using Java Multi-threading
Shin Pil-Suppsshin at lgeEastelsystemsDesign and Analysis of an Effective Resource Management System for Java Internet Computing Environment
Lee Young-Minymlee75 at msnVirtualtek실시간 시스템을 위한 내장형 자바가상머신 설계
Kim Nam-Heeescargot at daumcorpDaum communication flatform teamAn Internet Computing Platform based on multi-Agent System Framework
Lee Jung-Hoonleejh at Performance and Low Power Memory System for Embedded Processors
Choi Moon-Heemhchoi at Univ. Supercomputing Lab주사 선 알고리즘과 타일링 트래버설 알고리즘을 기반으로 한 주사 변환 유닛 설계
Roh Sang-Koumskroh at lgeLG Information & CommunicationsDesign and Analytic Evaluation of a Grouping Scheme on Mobile Agents Platform
Lee Seung-Yupsylee at lgeLG electronics Media LabDesign of VLIW Geometry Processor based on Overlapping lighting Method
Park Young-Geunzeroroot at SoftDesign of an Effective Service-Oriented Resource Management Framework for Grid Computing
Lee Eun-Jilee_eunji at electronics DSOcclusion Culling 처리를 위한 단일 패스 렌더링 시스템 구조 설계
Lee Youn-Joogarfield at Information & CommunicationAn Agent-based infrastructure for Grid Computing
Min Jung-Hihmin at UnivA Selectively Accessing TLB for Low Power Embedded Systems
Choi Jin-Hyuckjon.choi at samsungSamsung electronics DSA Low Power TLB system Design for Embedded Processors
Kim Kwang-Sookkskim at lge.comrLG Information & CommunicationsDesign and Analysis of a Hierarchical Multiple SIMD Array Architecture
Park Kyung-Langlanx at Univ. Supercomputing LabDesign of a Dynamic Communication MPI Library for the Computational Grid
Lee Hwang-Jikbear22 at electronics TNA P2P based Grid Platform with Adaptive Compression
Lee Jong-Sungdahui at저전력을 위한 뱅크선택 메커니즘과 새로운 동작 매커니즘을 이용한 직접사상 캐쉬 및 버퍼 시스템
Park Jung-Wookpjppp at Univ. Supercomputing Lab내장형 프로세서에서의 전력소모를 고려한 캐쉬메모리 시스템연구
Yang Hoon-Moportent at Univ. Supercomputing LabPower-aware Branch Predictor for Embedded Processors
Kim at usc.eduUniv Southern California(USC)Ph.DHighly Efficient and Fast Motion Estimation Techniques for MPEG-4/ H.264 Video coding Standard
Koh Kwang-Wonkwangwon.koh at Multilayered Context Engine for the Ubiquitous Computing
Choi Chang-Ikmal0077 at gmail.comSamsung electronics DMA profile-based Context Engine with Ambiguity-Reduction Algorithm for Ubiquitous Computing
Ji Shin-Haengtwoze at hanmail.netLG electronicsAn Efficient Memory Management Method for H.264/AVC Decoder
Kim Chang-Soonflsoon at electronics TNContext Management and Delivery System for Ubiquitous RFID Environment
Jeong Dae-Youngjdy7793 at hanmail.netLIG Nex1Efficient Interpolation Method of H264 Motion Compensation on SIMD Array Architecture
Lee Su-Jinhaegykun at hanmail.netLG electronicsA pipelined Array Architcture for Motion Estimation of H.264/AVC
Hong Chung-Pyohulkboy at Univ. Supercomputing LabA profile-based Multi-Application Management Engine Supporting Seamless Connectivity for Ubiquitous Computing
KANG Tae-Hoonthkang at handoff management for seamless connectivity in ubiquitous computing environment
Kang Chang-Deokniceguy at electronics TNVirtual personal world model for personalized and intelligent ubiquitous computing service framework
Park Joo-Kyungjkpark at electronics TNA service conflict resolution algorithm based on virtual personal world in ubiquitous environment
Park Jun-Kyujunkyu at electronics TNHardware and software co-optimization on memory architecture of h.264/avc codec system on SIMD array architecture
Heo Euiparousia at computing framework for computational grid applications
SonByoung-Kookssonkk at electronics MCAn Efficient Method to Create High Level Events using Complex Event Processing based on RFID Data
Lee In-Jikijlee at electronics TNFast Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Slope and Statistical Analysis in H.264/AVC
Jang Won-Jooloopng at ConsultingAn Efficient Service Management Scheme for Virtual Personal World based on  Personalized Service in Ubiquitous Environment
Choo Ji-Wonestl at electronics TNDesign of 3D Graphic Accelerator Based on Real-time Visibility Culling Low-power Memory
Park Jung-Minjmkr016 at Brodinfocom CoA Efficient Method of H.264 Motion Estimation on SIMD Architecture
Lee Jun-Hwanjhlee at AutonetDesign and Implementation of Common Sensor Information Middleware in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Han Ho-Sungharris at electronics TNThe Software Architectural Approaching to Advancing Modifiability of Digital Convergence Product Families
Kim Byung-Ghilfokus at electronics플래쉬 변환 레이어를 위한 효율적인 주소 테이블 관리 기법
Yoon Uram H.uhyoon at electronics MCThe use of wrapper resource for reduced overheads in a DHT based P2P network and its application
Hong Gi-Hoongaradev at electronics MCAn Efficient Strategy of Intersection Test for Tile-based Rendering on 3D Graphics Architectures
Park Seung-Hohpark at electronics TNHybric Flash Translation Layer Design : SLC-MLC Flash Memory based Multi-bank Solid State Disk
Jeong Keon-ilreflex83 at coA Mobile Localiry-based Hierarchical P2P Overlay Network
Jeong Jong-Minjmjeong at electronics TNA Multi-Block Interleaved Structure for NAND Flash Memory Storage
Lee Eo-Hyungliquidnuker at Real-time Broadcasting Service Management Scheme for Mobile Enviroment
Kim Dong-Wookdwkim at electronics CTOAn Effective Virtual Object Discovery and Management Scheme in Ubiquitous Environment
Cho In-Pyoinpyo.cho at Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)An Efficient and Pattern Adaptive Buffer Architecture for SSD combined with SLC and MLC
Kim Ki-Hokim.kiho at pantechPantech CoAn effective parallel algorithm based on web page data characteristics for mobile web browsing
Lu NingLuning888 at naver.comStartup founderWrite Performance Improvement and Endurance Enhancement Technique for Solid State Disks
Jung Kwang-Suksjung at Integrated SLC/MLC PRAM Hybrid Memory Using Superblock-based Memory Adapter
Choi In-Sungcis53 at nate.comRepublic of Korea ArmyA Dynamic Adaptive Converter and Management for PRAM-based Main Memory
Jang Sung-Inmckoala at hynixAn Efficient DRAM Converter and Data Classification Management for Non-volatile based Main Memory
Jung Hyeon-Subjung2413 at naver.comLG electronicsPerformance Improvement for Marker-less Object Recognition through OpenCV Library and Mobile Sensor on Mobile Systems
Bian Mei-Yingjojo04592 at gmail.comDoosan I&CA Superblock-based Dual buffering Unit with Flexible Used Last Level Cache for PCM-based Main Memory System
Zheng Guang-Binrobinconcentrate at gmail.comKonaiAn Extensible Healthcare Context Engine Based on Smart Phones
Jo Ye-Jinsiliconv at naver.comKISTIDesign of Adaptive Hibernation and Booting Sequence for Memory Disk Integrated System
Sharma Ashoki.ashok.s at gmail.comVisionScapePage Fault Management For Non-volatile Integrated Memory
Michael VoglMichael.vogl at outlook.comStanding eggA Code based Fruit Recognition Method via Image Conversion optimized by Evolution Strategy
Lu Jueminjmlu0619 at 163.commomosoPerformance Optimization on 3D Fluid Simulation in Mobile Environment
Pan Binpanbinjay at gmail.comKonaiA personalized mobile polymorphic execution framework with cloud support in ubiquitous computing environment
Park Ki-Hyunarrive0830 at naver.comSamsung electronicsUnified Memory-Storage layer with Hybrid Non-Volatile Memories for Mobile Systems
Nam Sangjaesjnam07 at gmail.comLG Electronics CTOMultithreaded System Execution Management for Integrated Memory-Disk System
Jun-Ha Parkjunha2001 at nate.comKINXReliable Services Composition Method for the Internet of Thing using Directed Service-Object Graph Deployment Scheme
Lee Doheonintovortex at gmail.comLG electronicsDesign of Hardware Adapter to Optimize Performance for Memory-Disk Integrated System
Cho Changwoojcw6168 at gmail.comLG electronicsPerformance Optimization of 3D Applications by OpenGL ES Library Hooking in Mobile Devices
Kim at lge.comLG electronics모바일 환경 응용을 위한 코너 특징점 기반의 회전 객체 인식
Son, minhogotjrwmf at naver.comTmax SoftOptimized Memory System for Object based Cloud Storage System
Yoon, Young-Sunrothschilds at naver.comSamsung electronics DSreinforcement learning-based prefetching for hybrid memory systme
LI, QUANZHEleepaul009 at hotmail.comintel in chinaAutomatic recognition of wearable device positioning based on multiple sensors and performance optimizatio
Wu, Juanwujuan1117 at hotmail.com리마(주)Correlated Data Removal Method for Deep Reinforcement Learning in Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning
Kim, Jinbaejbkim901122 at gmail.commade4Multi sensor based Deep Q-Learning for Autonomous Flight
NAN, YIYANnanyiyan at hotmail.comMultimodal Emotion Recognition Using a Hybrid Deep Model based on EEG Signals and Images
Shim, Hyunjeonghyunjeong.shim at Avoidance using Density and Distance Aware Compressed Grid Map through Deep Q-Network
Lee, Sungminsm571002 at gmail.comSamsung ElectronicsCorrelated Clustering-based Prefetching with Hybrid Memory System for Stream Processing
LI, XIANSHUlxs0516 at hotmail.comHuaweiA K-Means Clustering Associated Shared Last Level Cache Structure for Hybrid Main Memory Architecture
Lee, Keunhyoungieunsilver at naver.comSelective Obstacle Avoidance Learning and Safety Area Scaling for Autonomous Flight of UAV
Kim, at Inc.Advanced Hybrid Storage System for Object Storage using Scientific Applications
Graduated Student Count: 83